Typos and Transitions.

There is a price for every dream. Oh, how costly I recently found mine to be.

The downfall for loving a myriad of cultures and countries is the ever-present reality that I have to abandon one to visit another.

Ecuador was the first country I relinquished my heart to… I wrote and spoke countless words for her, for years. This past summer I was blessed to have her soil rest beneath my feet. Today, I am still incapable of assembling the right words to say about my time spent there. Ecuador was far too priceless to be purchased with words. The people were even more beautiful than I dreamed. The relationships that I made will never depart from me. Her silhouette will be forever engraved in the most sacred regions of my heart. 

Most recently the passion that I had for Ecuador began to wear thin. “Fickle emotions is the cause of this,” so I thought.  But as I began to reflect, it was clear– the same passion I had for Ecuador was now only a blurred memory.

My devotion for Ecuador is ceaseless, of course! I will never forget her and I will return soon. Honestly,  the urgency to live there is vacant. Believing that Ecuador was a place of permanency was a typo, and now my writing is anxious for a transition.

Lately, I have been interested in the people of Asia. There is an abundance of diversity, from border to border. Asia is a mystery. I do not know Indonesia. China is a cat’s cradle of confusion. Bali, a place of bewilderment. Lost in the confines of Laos. She is labyrinth of skin and tongue, dress and food. A colorful garden of culture.

I want to go, but before I do so, I need to free myself from attachment. Stubbornness. It is time to release past and seize future. There are many more people with stories that need to be told.

I am releasing Ecuador in hopes of another beautiful place to relinquish my heart to…

My dreams are foreign and yearn for more distant lands.

This pen will be my passport to more countries and cultures than my heart can handle.


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