Washington, D.C. (USA)


This trip to D.C was completely spontaneous, and yet completely serendipitous. I made the decision to go two days prior. I put a weeks worth of my life in a tiny suitcase and boarded the plane.


The purpose of the trip was to do missions work with a group called “Speak That.” This group functions through the arts–spoken word, singing, rap, and dance–in order to spread the message of Jesus Christ.

While in D.C we used our gifts to positively impact others. We went to two open mic venues–Busboys and Poets and Spit Dat–both of which were incredible. Every person spoke with such passion and conviction in their words. Before coming to D.C . I honestly thought that I was going to have some hand in changing the city, but I left with the city changing me. Each and every person that I encountered had life and rhythm and soul pulsing out of them. There was not one crevice of city that was not inked in creativity.

Status had nothing to do with the arts in D.C. In our journey we met a man named Chris, whom was a homeless poet, we also met the infamous poet Dasha Kelly.  And this how it was for the duration of the trip, we encountered prestigious poets to the seemingly insignificant ones. But everyone had a voice. When we all gathered in the open mic cafes, all the borders of gender, sexual orientation, religion, race, status were nonexistent. The only thing that mattered were the syllables dripping off each god’s lips as they took us into the world that they created. For a few hours we all existed in peace because everyone’s story deserves to be told.

Art has no barriers.


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