Goodbye Tanzania: Leaving with Sandy Toes


Hello Friends!

I’ll be starting a new series called Goodbye Tanzania: Leaving with Sandy Toes. Strange title, I know, but there’s a purpose behind it. Being in Tanzania this summer literally and figuratively left me with sandy toes.

Think of a beautiful beach day, you’re running free, happy, soaking up the sun, everything is pleasant until you make your way to the car and have to dust off all of the sand nestling between your toes. It’s insufferable! No matter how much you rinse, shake, dust, there will always be a few grains on their way home with you. It’s an uncomfortable reminder of the time you just spent at the beach.

Being back in the States kind of feels like my whole body is covered in sand. I’m trying to dust myself off, but maybe some things are supposed to stay with me… as an uncomfortable reminder of my time in Tanzania.

It’s annoying to drag the tiny grains in your home, but why forget the experience? Yes, there were times where I felt like I was drowning, but it would be foolish to confuse the crashing of waves as a means to hurt me.

They were trying to bring me deeper. And the difference between diving and drowning is peace.

This series is my attempt to finally hold peace close to my chest and dive deeper than I’ve ever been.



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