Butterflies & Other Freedoms


Butterflies were the best gifts Zanzibar gave me. Out of all of the touristy things I did, visiting the butterfly garden was by far my favorite experience.


I was completely entranced by the wonder that was around me. Vibrant blues and alive yellows dancing about to heaven’s melodies. My body twirled to the rhythm of their wings beating against the thick, salty air: no barrier could to stop them from soaring the curve of each spirited emerald leaf. Being there was like breathing for the first time.


I realize now why I loved the butterflies so much… they were free.

When most days felt like a prison, the butterfly garden was a safe place to spread my wings and fly.


Without even knowing it, the people of Zanzibar are tending to a small temple, in between giant trees and underneath a scoring sun, where sacred, silent prayers of freedom ride on tiny, fragile butterfly wings.




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