Welcome Travelers!

20140728_145758.jpgWelcome to the Journey to Joy. This journey started two summers ago when I hopped on the plane to see the other side of the world–China.

Never once did I entertain even a thought of going to China, but somehow I ended up spending a month there teaching incredible students. When I first saw my name printed next to China Airlines I was amazed, and now I write to you just as bewildered because this time I’m going for not one month, but for eleven.

11 months in the place I least expected for me to venture, for me to love, for me to find JOY.

Yes, 11 months is nothing compared to those who give their entire lives to a nation, but I’m hoping during this time I’ll find more answers. How exactly long is this journey? 

A great traveler once said:

“If I had 1,000 lives, I’d give them all for China.”

-James Hudson Taylor

I wonder if after these 11 months if I’d do the same.

This journey won’t be easy, but I believe having a group full of travelers with me–even if it’s through a screen–will make this journey a little lighter.

So, I actually want to make a change to what I stated earlier; these next 11 months are for US to venture, US to love, and US to share the Greatest Joy with China.

You ready?


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