First Stop: Bangkok

Before you say,”Wait, I thought you were going to China,” let me explain.

Going to Bangkok, Thailand was definitely not on my list of to-dos before China, but the Father is always full of surprises.

Several weeks ago, while taking my regular shortcut through the bookstore, my friend introduced me to Bill and Tom (not their real names); they were representatives from Thailand. They handed me a booklet and began to share a little on their study abroad program to Bangkok

I wasn’t interested.

  1. I’m a senior, and surely there was no possible way that I could fit in a study abroad program into my schedule and still graduate on time.
  2. China was it. No place else.

I kept their booklet to be polite, dismissed myself, and quickly made my way to class.


Like a boomerang I managed to find myself back to Bill and Tom. I walked into class dumbfounded to find them there. “This is Western Civilizations, why in the world are they presenting in here?” 

After they shared, I warmed up to the idea of going. I asked question after question after question.

I was by no means completely over the fence about going, but I was definitely sitting on it with my feet dangling on the other side.

Not sold, but definitely interested. On the fence.


The next day the Thailand duo presented in another class of mine. What in the world? Them again! And again, I found myself asking question after question after question.

Then, I finally got an answer and I was sold, interested, over the fence. It wasn’t the fancy video, it wasn’t the promise of amazing food or being in the land of smiles. It was one class they offered…

How to contextualize the Good News in an East Asian context.

Honestly, I can’t think of anything better to do before China.

Oh, the Father is always full of surprises, and a lot of the time they’re amazing detours.



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