Wisdom on Fundraising


Disclaimer: I used the word “fund-raise”, but do know that in terms of China I’m building a TEAM of people who are committed to the task of bringing the good news of the Father to China. Fundraising is more in the aspect of finances, but I’m still eager to have friends be a part in making requests to the Father on behalf of Chinese students, even if there aren’t dollars attached to them.

Fundraising for China has not be fun, to say the least. Honestly, it feels like all the life is being sucked out of me. It’s not necessarily the act of fundraising as a whole, but how I’ve been having to do it.

Due to the Thailand Study Abroad in January, my organization asks that I raise as much as I can now while I’m stateside. This task is exponentially draining. I’m a senior taking 21 credits, heavily involved in two clubs, and a teacher on Mondays and Thursdays. I’m exhausted.

Finding time to fund-raise for China and getting ready for everything else in life feels like scrapping the bottom of an hourglass. But beyond my fatigue I’m still committed to China this August.

So, what do I do?

Well, I’ve been studying a lot of past travelers and current travelers and I’ve always been intrigued by their route of “faith-fundraising.” Travelers that take this route believe that the Father is their provider and that He will hear their requests.

Being a full-time student without an income I’ve seen the Father provide time and time again in unimaginable ways. I’ve seen Him send me strangers and random people to give, provide anonymous donors, and place people’s names on my heart to ask. Yes, this route is very scary at times, but it didn’t drain me until the point of which I’m at now, which led me to this question: “Am I fundraising in a way that’s contrary to my gifts and personality?”

Right now, I just feel pushed into following a different route of fundraising, which makes me terribly uncomfortable.

I’m so used to seeing financial burdens lifted off in the eleventh hour that the time constraint I’m in now doesn’t really rattle me, but knowing that my organization is concerned about how I’m going to reach my goal does rattle me.

I wonder, am I letting my own discomfort get in the way or is there some validity to the route that I’ve seen work in the past?

Hear me out, I’m not saying that asking people is somehow less praiseworthy, nor am I saying that “faith-fundraising” is easy. Both, I believe, are divine ways to reaching a goal.

I need wisdom, travelers, how to approach this whole fundraising dilemma?


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