Teachers Make A Difference!


I didn’t buy into the sensational stories of people’s lives being changed by teachers, that is, until I met my friend, Phil (middle).

Teachers can bring students to the Father? Pssh, yeah right! This was my thinking, but the Father loves breaking down the boxes our minds like to create.

I met Phil on my first trip to China two summers ago; he worked at the desk where we had orientation, and for some reason he seemed to illuminate more from the rest. I felt like I was supposed to talk to him, but I didn’t know what to say. I told my friend, Lily, what was going on and she encouraged me to talk to him. I wouldn’t go unless she came with me. Thankfully, she did : )

We introduced ourselves and engaged in some small talk. Then, I got it, I knew what I was supposed to ask him: “How did you come to know the Father?”

His response…

My teacher invited me to the Father’s home for seven years. I kept refusing, but his persistence made me give in. I figured it must be important since he kept asking.

Phil now aspires to go to school to learn more about the Father!

That was the day I realized that the sensational stories were TRUE. Teachers do change lives, especially when they follow the Greatest Teacher.


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