Life in Boxes


*sorry for the crummy picture quality.

Anyway, my life is in slowly being packed away into suitcases, bins, and boxes. Bits of it have already been given away to friends and strangers lured in by my Facebook post: Free Stuff! Everything Must Go!

For the first time, Thailand is becoming real. And China is becoming closer.

Good news is that I’ve been pretty positive! I’m not one who likes to leave in tearful goodbyes–why remember wet, red faces covered in snot, when I can look back and remember smiles, laughter, warm hugs.

I’m not sad to miss a semester from my friends, if anything Skype places us in the same room within seconds, plus I knew goodbyes came with this suitcase. I know that all of this is worth it, whether it’s short-term or long-term. I know this truth:

 A few goodbyes are worth even one hello to the Father.

What I mean by that is this, saying goodbye to friends is apart of this journey, and “How will they know unless someone is sent?”

Who knows what the Father has planned for Thailand, I’m expecting good things, even if they’re good things I won’t be able to see for myself.

However, I am hoping for planted seeds, and growth for myself and my team, growth enough to carry us on to future adventures.

So what if my life is in boxes, I wouldn’t want it any other way. 🙂


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