Faithful Father

Yesterday, I officially moved out of my dorm room. Needless to say, I have many emotions coursing through me all at once. One emotion that seems to be pretty prominent is shock.

Friends and mentors have continued to encourage me in that the Father is making dreams into reality. This is shocking. In my childhood I’ve almost been programmed to steer clear away from hope because I’ve been let down so much, so to see the Father actually go through with His promises is shocking to me. I don’t know how to respond–in vocal or quiet hope?

Earlier this week I asked that the Father would remove the pain of being let down in the past so that I could trust Him now with my future.

He is faithful to answer.

Before I left campus my friend allowed me to sift through some book marks of hers that had encouraging words on them. There were several that stood out to me; I picked out seven and stared at them hoping that one of them would illuminate… or levitate off of the desk.

I left her room for a moment to check on something outside, when I left I asked that the Father would show me which one was best for this new season of my life. I felt silly asking because it’s just a book mark, but I think He cared just as much as I did.

When I returned to her room I saw that she had already sifted through the seven I put aside, she said that she picked out ones she thought would best help me in this new chapter of my life. WOW. After that the rest became easy to separate, and I was left with two that were highlighted to me. I couldn’t choose between the two, so she in her kindness gifted me with both.

I believe these two words are straight from the Father to me, He is reminding me that He is not like man: He doesn’t make fragile promises that crack under circumstances. He is faithful, even when I’m not, even when I don’t feel deserving, even when it’s hard for me to believe. So, I won’t take these words lightly, I will stare at them until they become living and breathing… or levitate.

“He who promised is faithful.”


“The Father has said, ‘I will never fail you. I will never abandon you.”



3 thoughts on “Faithful Father

  1. Yes, He truly is faithful! One of my favorite modern worship songs is Good Good Father. I sing it daily as a reminder to me of His love toward me and His faithfulness to me. And I pray daily for the strength and wisdom to return that love and faithfulness to Him.

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