I’m sure that I’m not the only college student that feels this way: I don’t want to move back in with my parents.

After graduation I’m not only I concerned about what I’m going to do, but also where I’m going to be.

When I’m traveling I feel at home, fulfilled, ALIVE! Even when the situation may be terrible, and I’ve been in some terrible situations, there’s still nowhere else I’d rather be, nor anything else I’d rather be doing.

Unfortunately, at home I feel distant, unfulfilled, and dispirited.

Ever since I can remember I’ve always loved traveling, seeing and trying new things, meeting people from different backgrounds, but when the Father captured my heart he put a fire underneath this passion.

He revealed his purpose as to why a little 14 year old girl, new believer made a list of all of the places she wanted to see. I’m grateful to say that so far he has been faithful to take me to majority of those places (and my list keeps growing). 🙂

He placed in me a desire to travel and help people before I even knew that kind of work had a name.

Til’ this day it still baffles me that he could take a latch-key kid, always moving place to place, child of divorced parents, and create a sense of home within her.

As ironic as it sounds, travel is my home.

And I hope that it continues to be until the Father calls me to the best place my eyes could ever see–the feet of his throne. An everlasting home.


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