A Jumper Seat

2:00PM I arrived in Bangkok, Thailand by the skin of my teeth.

My connecting flight out of Germany all of a sudden flooded with eager passengers, thus decreasing my chance of getting a seat. I fly standby, and if you know anything about standby you understand that it’s a risky business. Basically, if there are any extra seats on the plane I get to have one; however, if there are none, then I have a first class seat at the gate to watch the plane take-off without me.

Thankfully the Lord was faithful in providing me with a seat, but it definitely was not the seat I expected. Instead of having a real seat like all of the other comfortable passengers, I had to sit in a jumper seat. For 10 hours.

451a8a85e8ced6d5b4e81bc895a647ddDespite my legs going numb, my feet almost catching frostbite from being so close to the exit door, and my neck bending in unhealthy positions, I’m so thankful for that seat. 10 hours of what felt like total agony was worth it for this:


The huge smile that lit up my face when I finally arrived in Bangkok.


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