Beautiful Things

In Thailand I’ve seen a collection of beautiful things, whether outside or inside of the classroom. Yesterday, I experienced beauty that words are not able to capture, so I’ve decided to communicate it through images.

My students and I were working on pronouncing L & R; these sounds are two of the most difficult for Thai speakers to distinguish between.

We spent time working on those sounds for the beginning of class, but I noticed that it was becoming very difficult, so we moved on to another segment of the lesson. As a closing I decided to review the L & R sounds one more time.

It was as if they were graced with the miraculous gift of language because they pronounced those L & R sounds like pros. Seriously, it was a night and day improvement.

I was so proud.

Usually I’m vocally encouraging with my students, but the improvement that they made knocked the wind of of me.

I was only able to whisper, “Girls, that was beautiful. I am proud.”

I know it may not make much sense when I say I found their pronunciation beautiful, so enjoy the pictures below. Hopefully, they are successful at expressing the beauty that filled the classroom when my students pronounced lamp and ramp correctly.


It sounded like that.




*I’m only a volunteer. I’m not getting paid.


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