Tourist Events

Hello Fellow Travelers!

I just wanted to give you all a heads up on the next few blogs coming out. I’m making so many friends here and I want to be sensitive to those relationships. They are my friends before anything else.

“Don’t fall into the trap of viewing people as objects needing to be saved.”

Genuine friendships, not proximity, is the bridge that makes a way for the Father’s love to be shown and shared.

That being said, please understand that many of the following blog posts will be mostly related to tourist events that take place here. Yes, of course I’m not on a vacation, “good work”–and I hesitate to say “good work” because this isn’t work to me–is happening.

All of your support and thoughts are not simply going to visiting sites and eating at fancy restaurants. I promise. In fact, please continue to keep myself and my friends in your thoughts.

Tomorrow is a special day at the Father’s house! For the first time ever the kids will be receiving lessons on the good book. Most, probably all, of the kids are not even believers. Our hope is that they’ll understand what we’re sharing, even if it’s as simple as “He is love.”

They have the decision to follow or not, but we want to provide the opportunity for them to even decide. 🙂



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