What happens to a flower when it doesn’t received enough sun or water?

It’s weakens, wilts, then eventually fades away.

The crisis is not that its petals have wrinkled and floated away, nor is it the fact that bees cannot come and do their sweet workings.

Being far from the sun and barren of water is the poor flower’s crisis. Wrinkled petals are only the symptoms of a vanishing flower.

We can be as the poor flower, too.

In fact, I’ve been the poor flower before.

Thankfully, the gardener saw me.

But many are still growing weak, wilting, and fading away.

Every once in a while gaze upon the open field and I guarantee you will find the land dressed in wilting sunflowers.

Some days wilting sunflowers is all that can be seen.

And it’s somber.

But then there are those special days when your eyes catch a glimpse of the gardener doing his perfect work, and you stand in amazement as you watch a once wilting flower begin to bloom.


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