Some days we like to do really touristy things.

IMG_1262A 10 minute bike ride around the corner takes us to a special place–the Bamboo restaurant (we don’t actually know the real name, thus we gave it one). It is one of the fanciest wooden restaurants I’ve ever been to!

IMG_1255There’s outside seating clothed in bamboo trees, a pond filled with spitting fish, and random miniature stone babies that greet us with a wai. The inside is even more interesting with its chill music and antique, funky furniture. Just upstairs is a yoga studio, of which we never go to. Let’s be honest, we came to eat not workout.


Ahaan aroy mak mak! The food is very good! I usually order the pad thai or some type of rice with chicken dish, but on the days that I really want to treat myself I get waffles. Yes, waffles. Waffles in Thailand are not like your ordinary waffles with butter and syrup, no, instead they come with a scoop of ice cream and a small cup filled with a decadent sauce to pour on top. Waffles are desert here, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I think if given the option we would eat there every day, but that will only happen when pigs can fly…



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