Transportation Station


Tuk Tuk

Bangkok has a plethora of options to get around. I’d like to share with you some of those options.

Tuk Tuk
The picture above is an example. A tuk tuk is as tourist as you can get; it’s pretty much only found in tourist locations. This is the first, and probably the last tuk tuk Olivia and I will be in. The experience is great, but the price is definitely a tourist price. It’s nice to try once, but I wouldn’t recommend making it a habit for long-term Bangkok dwellers.

I still can’t figure out the rail system so…

Great! Just make sure you tell the driver that you want to use the meter. Also, tell the driver your destination before you get it; drivers are not obligated to take you just because they stopped. Oh, and always practice your Thai with the drivers!

River Taxi
This mode of transportation is not my first pick, but it’s great at getting from point A to point B without the traffic. The catch is that once wrong step and you can fall into the canal. YOU DO NOT WANT TO FALL INTO THE CANAL. Thankfully, river taxis come prepared with protectors to keep the canal waters from splashing in your face.

City Bus
You’ll be lucky to find a seat on a bus. It’s usually crowded, especially on the weekends. Advice: on a hot day spend the extra money to hop on an air-conditioned bus. Also, Bangkok offers this really cool bus to those who are elderly or unemployed; it’s a free bus! Can’t get any better than that 🙂

Sung Tay-oh
It literally translates to “two benches”. Essentially, it is a pick up truck with two benches provided to sit on, and rails to hold onto. This mode of transportation is my favorite! It is cheap, fast, and convenient: it picks you up and drops you off anywhere as long as your destination is on its route.

White Van
I’m not sure what else to call it, it’s literally a white van. It functions pretty much like the sung tay-oh, but this time it’s an air-conditioned van and a little more expensive.

Motorcycle Taxi
This mode of transportation is not for the faint at heart. It definitely is convenient when traffic is jam-packed and you have the option to weave through other vehicles. Remember to wear a hemet!

Walk/Ride A Bike
If you want a nice tan or a good workout choose one of these. I’ll be on the sung tay-oh… passing you;)


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