Thailand Rewind: Chinese New Year

Many, many weeks ago we went to Chinatown to celebrate Chinese New Year. The streets were packed full of Thai, Chinese, other foreigners, everyone was invited for this special day, even royalty came by to celebrate.

IMG_1496Everything and everyone was decked out in the finest of red accessories. Thailand literally painted the town red!

IMG_1442BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Our ears followed the beating of the drums to the beautiful dragon dancing. The costumes were decorated so elaborately: glowing with bright colors, glimmering with shiny gems, trimmed with fluffy, soft fur.

Their eyes fluttered, making them appear to be alive, and for second it seemed they were. We were taken to a magical place with drums and color and dancing. Some believed so much so that they fed the dragons oranges in exchange for blessings.

IMG_1572Oh, and the tricks! Those men and children did not shy away from giving everyone a show. Tiny children built upon one another like Lego bricks, creating a tower for all to be stunned by and applaud.

IMG_1543I must admit, being surrounded by everything reminded me of my time spent in China. Walking down the streets of Chinatown brought back smells and sounds from my old city, Shijiazhuang. Grumbling, my tummy loudly demanded for the dumplings it once enjoyed.

Celebrating Chinese New Year in Thailand made me thankful all over to be here, and thankful for my memories from China. China, I believe, is what helped bring me to Thailand, which is just another reason to be so thankful for that beautiful land.

The love I had, and still have, for my students is what encouraged me to continue in my schooling as an EFL/ESL teacher. Even in Thailand, China still has a special place in my heart.

IMG_1528Thank you dragon dancers, embellished scenery, and amazing food vendors for giving us an amazing night, and thank you China for bringing me to Thailand.



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