The Women in Olive

They walked with the wind in their step. Like willow trees being swayed by the wind, the women in olive glided along the cobble stones at the wat, taking everyone’s breath away.

The women in olive made beauty and grace look effortless.


The women were nurses celebrating their retirement together. To make the celebration special, they wore matching elegant, traditional Thai dress and took pictures. They were kind of enough to have us join in on the festivities.

Thai kindness encompassed them like sweet perfume. They were truly lovely.


As we parted ways they blessed us each with this gift–a beautiful garland of flowers. This happened many, many weeks ago, but I still keep the garland with me. It is hung up on my wall near the door. Every time I walk in or walk out I remember the women in olive, their Thai grace and kindness.

And when I remember them I remember to bless them in return, I close my eyes, press my palms together, and let the Wind carry my words away.


Please remember the lovely women in olive. 


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