Karaoke Life Lessons

I’m obsessed with karaoke. Obsessed.

I realize that I’m a part of the 15% in N. America that do, but I’m so thankful for places like Thailand that live and breathe karaoke.


I like to put in 100%.

After church my friend and I decided to sing some tunes. Finally! I had been begging my teammates to go with me, but no one was interested. I’m so thankful for friends that carve out an hour of their time to sing their heart out with me 🙂


We look confused because we totally were, but part of karaoke is knowing how to have fun even when you don’t know what you are doing, I guess that’s probably why I enjoy it so much. Karaoke gives permission to be a little silly, and join in on another’s silliness.

It’s the freedom to enjoy laughter in the midst of chaos.


I haven’t announced it on this blog yet, but I’m on the road to coming back to Thailand within this month. I just graduated from university, and I’d love to go back to Thailand to spend a year (maybe even more).

I’m excited, of course, but the task of fundraising can be daunting. At times it does feel chaotic, but every opportunity I have to share stories from Thailand blesses me with moments of laughter in the midst of chaos.

The art of karaoke is learning how to sing both on the stage and in life.




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