The Mall

Now I’m not sure if it’s because of age, peer pressure, or my recent binge watching of Jane the Virgin, but I think I actually want to experience going on… A DATE.

If you know me you know that I’m 100% I DON’T NEED MAN, #FOREVERALONE, SINGLE LIFE IS THEEEE LIFE.

All of this is pretty much still is true.

I still don’t feel like a need a man, and I’m quick to remind any single girls pining to get a boyfriend that they don’t either.

I still really do want to be alone, at least for a long time.

And I still believe single life is the life, so I’m not in a rush to change mine.

Although age, peer pressure, and Jane the Virgin could possibly be culprits to my sudden openness to dating, I think the real trigger here was running into my friends at the mall yesterday.

They were making their way down the escalator, and being the introvert that I am, I was quickly  trying to forge a getaway plan. Maybe I can put my head down and bolt straight for the exit. Instead of escaping, I stopped and sent over a wave.

I’m so glad I did.

The following moments after that were so special to see their whole dynamic. I needed some helping finding shaving cream and they offered to help, together we searched for the impossible to find women’s shaving cream in Thailand. Never found it, but we did find men’s shaving cream! Works about the same.

Anyway, like I was saying before the shaving cream commentary, it was so special to see their dynamic. They had something natural. He’s Turkish and she’s Thai. I only met them together once before, but this second meeting was something different. I finally saw them. 

Sometimes they would speak and I wouldn’t be able decipher past their accents, but they understood each other, they understood each other every time.

She was wearing a regular track suit with her hair gripped in one clip, but he looked at her as though she were wearing the midnight sky. I’m telling you, there were stars in his eyes. Meanwhile, I was feeling totally un-pretty that day and almost cleared the mall of all of their beauty supplies. But beauty by the world’s definition did not seem to mind them.

They called each other hilarious names, and not cute ones like, sugar, baby, lovey. I mean borderline mean names for fun, like how you would tease your friends with.

That’s it! Our whole time together was filled with laughter like they were good friends. I think that was my trigger–seeing the love between best friends.

Hmm, so maybe I’m not looking for a date after all, I think I’m just missing my best friend.


my closest English-speaking friend, the one whom is currently out of town 😦


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