Like A Thief At Night

IMG_3026.JPGI think about the end of this life often.
More often than the average person should:
on the bus
running errands
in bed at 11:00 PM…12:00 AM…1:00 AM.

I think about the when, the how, and the where.

until I’m sinking in a bed full of my own sweat–
because what if I’m not as safe as I think I am.

What if We’re not as close–
if I’m not as good
if I’m not safe
not safe
not safe.

What if I truly don’t know Him.

I’m often scared. More scared than the average follower should be.

No where near perfect–
but grace.

No where near a forgiving person–
but grace.

No where near being faithful–
but grace.

But what about justice?
I deserve it.

Am I alone in this?

Am I the only wandering sheep?
If so, 99, please be thinking me.

And if not, how do we finally feel safe at home?


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