Hope for the Ninth

EIGHT YEARS AGO my life finally began.

Dimpled with goosebumps, heart pale and cold as ice, jostled between other wanderers with hearts just as cold as mine. He called me near, then nearer, and even nearer, each step bringing more color to my cheeks.

If anyone is in Me…

I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I knew what I was getting out of. Hollow was no longer home.

She is made a new creation…

And like that I was transported into a marvelous place filled with piercing light, vibrant color, and resounding music, and all of those elements of beauty, of life rushed its winds around me. I promise you, I was flying.

Old things have passed away…

From up there I watched the pale colors roll off my skin and old scales grapple with this Perfect gravity.

All things have become new!

From up there I saw what I once called life melt into the ground, and I never shed one tear over Her

I just flew.


A remind to myself:
Let this year be one of HOPE. You’ve seen his faithfulness, now it’s time to finally to collapse into his arms and believe in who he says he is. You don’t have to use pessimism as a guard anymore. This year you don’t have to hold back on hope.


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