Rian Phaasaathay

ชื่อ name
My name is Kami.

มีเวลาพอ have enough time
This isn’t true at all, but I manage to collect a few pieces of time in between working and resting to learn Thai.

รู้ to know
Sometimes I’m up at crazy hours, like tonight for instance, but it’s okay because I want to know more.

ที่นี่ here
Why? Because I’m so thankful to be here! Every day, especially the days I get to be with my friends, I feel more at home.

รอ wait
Learning a new language definitely takes time, but it’s so worth it so I’ll be patient and wait, as hard as that is, until the day when I can speak and write fluently (or semi-fluently).

พ่อ father
I may not be where I want to be now in language, but I’m thankful for where my Father has taken me.

I believe that he will continue provide me with time to learn, help me in gaining knowledge, strengthen the friendships I have here, and encourage me in the waiting.

In his name…


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