Positively Negative

My students occasionally have discussions/healthy arguments in class. It’s not overwhelming or uncomfortable for me, it’s actually refreshing. I want them to practice “fighting fair” in the classroom before venturing out into the big, crazy world. Of course, I try to keep the discussion pleasant on both ends, which means sometimes remaining silent, you know, let them hash things out on their own.

Today’s lesson was on speeches which led to a discussion/healthy argument on positivity: How much is too much?

Okay, students, if you could give a speech on any ongoing issue what would it be?

Not to my surprise two students commented on the school system. My school really isn’t the best at treating people well and it’s no secret. Teachers know this. Students know this.

Many times students open up about all of the stuff crap that goes on in these walls. I listen. I agree. Silently, of course.

After the two students said their peace, another student, let’s call her “Miss Positive Pants”, said she would write a speech that encouraged people to be more positive. Not sure when it happened, but it was somewhere around this time that another student, “Realistic Rita”, chimed in and said Miss Positive Pants was TOO positive.

Miss Positive Pants didn’t like that one bit. They kept going back and forth, the details don’t really matter. The last thing I remember was Realistic Rita saying this: You can’t be too negative or too positive. There must be a balance.

I must admit, the reason I didn’t interject into this discussion was because I totally agree with Realistic Rita and didn’t want to hurt the feeling of Miss Positive Pants.

The school could be better sucks and too much positivity just gives it permission to not change keep sucking, but that could just be the Negative Nancy part of me speaking. 😉


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