Free Hugs!

i used to feel like my whole body would combust
at a delicate touch
of someone
who loves me
but now i’m reclaiming this life,
this body
that belongs to me,
that longs to feel love
brush against her skin
the way it was intended.
i’m holding everybody’s hand
i’m snuggling up
real close:
receiving your hug
and giving it back

Counseling has been freeing not only to my mind, but also my body.

That being said, this is a shameless plug for counseling. If you feel that you need it–get it! You’re not crazy. You’re not weak. You’re not any less of a believer. Trust me. I feel more sane, stronger, and more open to the love of the Father and his people.


Thank you to everyone who has held my hand, rested your hand on my thigh, placed your head on my shoulders, snuggled in real close, given me a hug. You have no idea the kinds of chains you were helping pull off.


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