Home for the Holidays

I just stood there–crying, carrying documents and hopes that by the sight of this sad situation they would have mercy on me and take me in. They didn’t.

A few days ago I took a trip the US Embassy to obtain some documents I needed to be cleared to go home for the holidays.

After taking off work, taking a boat, and taking a book bag of papers they turned me down. Turns out I needed an appointment first. I was confused and hurt because I know another teacher from my school just went there to do the same exact thing and didn’t have to make an appointment. This must have been a new protocol, a protocol in which obviously had to be enacted on me.

So like any proper adult I started crying right there, in front of the Embassy, but no one came to comfort me, no one said it’s okay, just come in.

I’ve never been a holiday person, but I’m a I-really-should-visit-my-family-because-it-has-been-almost-a-year-without-properly-seeing-them kind of person.

After accepting my fate I left my puddle of tears and decided to eat my feelings (it’s kind of hard not to when Thai food is so good!). I got freshly squeezed passion fruit juice, a few ripe slices of juicy watermelon, and a nice, hot bowl of yen-tah-fo.20161213_103535.jpgOver my yummy meal I realized that maybe being stranded in Thailand isn’t bad news at all.

I get the chance to really travel around the country, practice my Thai consistently, spend more time with amazing friends, get some long overdue errands done, and eat more yummy food like yen-tah-fo (without the tears).

I may not be “home for the holidays,” but Thailand feels like home too and I’m excited to see what the holiday season brings this year in the Land of Smiles.


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