Stop Making This Hard

There are some people in the States that I adore, but sometimes they drive me nuts. Sometimes they make it hard to live out my dreams, although they are the same ones that encouraged me to chase them.

Long texts messages.
Calls in the middle of the night.
All telling me,
“Miss you, come back soon.
Come back soon.
Come back.”

But I’ve never mentioned a soon, or even a come back. I’ve never mentioned anything temporary about all of this.

I’m not running away from anything. Quite the contrary, I found something to run to.

For as long as I can remember my mind has always been teeming with dreams of travel and making friends from many places, and frequently those hopes would come spilling out of my mouth- it was never a secret. None of that dreaming was temporary.


Yes, it feels flattering and good to feel missed, but to beg for my return hurts. Makes me feel guilty for living a life I love.

Please, stop making this hard, this beautiful and wonderful thing called life that I get the honor to experience overseas, in a country that I love, surrounded by people that mean SO much to me, hard.

Just a few of my favorite moments overseas: 


fun with polaroids


late night bubble tea run


airport trip buddy


funny faces in the park


jumping for joy at the beach


mini vacations with my co-worker and friend

So instead of leaving me with a mailbox full of messages that leave me feeling more anxious and upset than nostalgic, try leaving a message that sounds something like this: Hey, I miss you. Glad to see you’re happy.

Believe me, I miss you, too.
By the way, you’re always welcome to visit 🙂


a happy & fulfilled me


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