Birthday Eve

Tomorrow is my birthday, well, on this side of the world anyway.

Instead of being filled with excitement for my special day, I was quite down. For the first time in a long time I felt really lonely. Today, I’m sad to admit that I really missed college life and being surrounded by friends 24/7.

Regardless of my crappy mood I had to get out of the house because I made plans to meet up with an old friend who was visiting from Korea. I was honestly a bit nervous; I was afraid that I might say something stupid, or not say anything at all and end up looking stupid. Before leaving my room I said a little prayer: “Father, please allow us to have a fun time together.”

He didn’t just answer one prayer, but he responded to my loneliness in three little, but special ways.

Not A Tourist Anymore

I took a motorcycle taxi to our meeting place because I was running late (what’s new). When the driver dropped me off he told me the price: 40 baht. HA! There is no way that ride was 40 baht. I raised my eyebrow so high I thought it was gonna fly off my face. He chuckled and asked, “How much do you want?” I told him 30. Pure shock.

“Oh, you stay in Thailand long time?”

“Yes. One year.”

“You speak Thai well.”

Mmhm, I also know when I’m being played.

I felt so… established as a resident here. It also helps that our conversation was in Thai. So thankful for the progress I’ve noticed in living here.

Official Foodie

Speaking of progress, my reading skills have improved! Today I was able to spot a new favorite dish, one I’ve only ever seen in the North–Khao Soi. I saw a few of the ingredients on the table, but being able to read the name definitely helped confirm that it was in fact that yummy dish I’ve been craving. The seller was quite impressed that I knew what it was… to be honest, so was I.

Friends Across Boarders

My fears were all smoke and mirrors. It was heart-lifting to see my friend and her boyfriend. It felt wonderful to sit by the water and chit-chat about travel and culture over a few new yummy Thai dishes and snacks.

I’m so thankful to have caught up with them, and I hope to be seeing them again soon, perhaps in Korea. 😉

16244824_10202644268985071_484023636_oAll of these small gifts have made my lonely heart so full!


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