Breaking & Healing

Last month I was consistently attending counseling sessions: I was the most broken and the most healthy I’ve ever been during that time.


Unfortunately those sessions and the cost it took to get to the office added up, costing way more than I anticipated; nonetheless, it was definitely worth it. For the sake of emotional and spiritual health I’m willing to pay the price. This month, however, the price was sadly too much, and in consequence, my moods have been all over the place. I’ve come to peace with myself and now I recognize that I need evaluation of my thoughts and feelings from a specialized individual.

Anyway, I’ve dearly missed my time in the comfy counseling chair. Would you please keep me in your prayers that I’d be able to afford going again soon. Next month will also be impossible with moving to a new place and all, but hopefully March I’ll be able to start again.

I’m not interested in reverting back to the way things were; I want to continue this beautiful path of breaking and healing, breaking and healing. ❤


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