Last week I experienced waves of deep loneliness.

I hadn’t seen my closest Thai friends in forever, which made me terribly miss friends from college.

It’s already difficult living in a different country, but when that’s paired with not seeing your friends in a while you hit the bottom of the cross-cultural experience. To be honest, while I was down there, kicking rocks at the bottom, I thought about leaving… I thought about leaving the country that I love. 😥


At college, all of my friends were near to me; even if we were swamped under final projects, it was better to be swamped together, piled up in someone’s room with a night’s supply of snacks and stacks of books EVERYWHERE.

It’s harder in the real world.
People have jobs. Families. Homes that are miles away from yours.

It’s easy to feel lonely as an adult, especially in a foreign country.

However, and thankfully, this weekend was magical. I actually had to work to find time to be alone. Aha! Friday I went to a fair with a few people after school, and spent the night at a dear friend’s. Saturday I took my time leaving my friend’s comfy apartment; studied Thai with my teacher at the university, where I actually ended up spontaneously bumping into an old friend. Sunday I spent the morning to myself and shared the night with one of my closest friends at that same local fair.


It’s tide that will either push you away, or pull you in.img_3554


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