I Need A Job!

This is total crap.
Four years. A mountain of debt. No job opportunities.

I blame the backpackers who come to Thailand on a whim and spontaneously decide that they are capable teachers.


Backpackers occupy English centers, public schools, international schools, taking up space they didn’t earn with tears and sweat.

I’ve devoted my whole college career to this (loans included).
I’ve skipped out on summer jobs and volunteered overseas instead.
I’ve missed out on fun nights with friends for tutoring sessions.

I’ve wept and prayed and stayed up all hours in the night for my students.

Backpackers? Paid all $50 for their TESOL certificate in some back alley on Sukumvit after knocking down a few neon green margaritas.

Backpackers? They really liked the cheap noodles and tie-dye shirts and decided that was a good enough reason to stay.

Backpackers? Get bored after a few years, buy a new plane ticket with all of their “hard-earned” cash and fly to some other exotic country, fall so madly in love with the people and the culture and the cheap noodles and steal another real job away from real teachers.

Livid. I am the exact definition of the word.

So many backpackers have smiled their way into real jobs while the rest of us, tired, and calloused pick up the remaining scraps.

Luckily for Thailand, not so much for me, some schools are getting more strict, not allowing the TESOL certificate to be enough. Unfortunately, that’s what I have. That’s what my whole college career was devoted to getting.

I’ve spent more time and energy in this field, yet have been thrown into the same category as
rope sandal
bongos and beer
two weeks dreadlocks
“I love Thailand” muscle-tee
I spent all $50 dollars and forget the change

This is crap
and I need a job.

A real one.


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