Culture Shock

My friend and I were chatting by the canal over coffee and sweets about the differences between our hometowns and this city.

We both shared our concern with not knowing our neighbors; how it feels like you’re alone, even though surrounded by thousands of people; how we’d be out of luck if something were ever to happen to us outside; how the city isn’t always so helpful or welcoming.

What I found interesting about this exchange of concerns is that my friend, the one sitting across from me with her cold chocolate beverage, was Thai.

Call it ignorance, but I had no idea she shared this same tension with living in the city. I had no idea she could experience culture shock within her own country.

I’ve heard students and other friends comment on how much they miss their hometown and how different it is, but I think that was the first time I’ve ever mauled it over thoroughly with another.

Although difficult, it was comforting to hear:

I’m not alone, and yeah, living in the city, any city, can be difficult at times, but somewhere in the masses there is a connection to be made, another foreign soul looking for a friend, looking for open doors in a kind smile.

Looking for a place
to call home.



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