And then we took the boat home

1. Paired my bright pink “Singapore” t-shirt with my black and white polka-dotted shorts. I felt comfortable in my skin.

2. Greeted the doorman and confidently asked him–in Thai–how to catch the bus to my destination

3. The motorcycle driver understood me and took me to the right bus stop.

4. Got on the right bus.

5. Traffic was awful, but thankfully I recognized the area and got off the bus to take the boat the rest of the way.

6. Got on the boat and did not die.

7. My friend and I enjoyed shopping together.

8. The lady at the food court complimented my Thai and said I was cute.

9. Practiced Thai with my friend without feeling too self-conscious.

10. Ate kuay tiaw tom yum and it was delicious.

11. Took the boat successfully back home.

12. Played with a little baby girl on the boat.

13. Got off the boat and did not die.

14. Wrote a poem.

15. All of these things were done without anger, self-doubt, or overwhelming anxiety coursing through my veins.

It’s been a good day despite the marathons of bad ones I’ve been having recently.



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