Normalcy is the Adventure

When I first came to Thailand my entire experience was filled with adventure: riding elephants, trying new foods, hiking in burning forests, swimming in waterfalls, learning a new language, taking new and interesting forms of transportation, making friends from the other side of the world.

Of course, I came back because my heart was tethered to Thailand on the first night, before the adventure had truly even started, but I wonder if all of those crazy experiences made it a little easier to come back.

…even if that were true, it certainly isn’t true now. Normalcy is the new adventure.

I buy my groceries at Big C Ramkhamhaeng, get ice cream from the same seller outside of 7 Eleven on Saturday afternoons, pay bills, do laundry, go to the doctor, have “do nothing days” with friends in my room, have “do nothing days” by myself–life is normal besides the fact that I’m in Thailand and that is the adventure!

I’ve never been in a place long enough to where life begins to feel, well… normal.
I love it!

This morning a friend of mine asked about my recent trip to the States and how it felt to be there knowing that I had been entertaining the thought of returning due to difficulty finding a job, honestly, I felt nothing. I just knew I was coming back.

Because its home. Because its normal.

The days where I’m running errands or chilling out with a close friend are the days that feel like an adventure, the days that get my adrenaline going,

the days that mimic the feeling of riding an elephant for the very first time.

Those days are adventures, too.


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