The end of my contract is quickly approaching which means I’m both overjoyed and overwhelmed.


A few weeks ago I had zero options, zero open doors, zero hope of me actually being able to stay in Thailand. I started entertaining the painful possibility of heading back to the States.

But you know what? I wasn’t really doing much.

I applied to a few international, high-end schools and became discouraged when everyone rejected me. Well, what was I thinking??? I’m a recent college graduate with, yes, a lot of experience for my age, but not nearly enough as the veterans who have been teaching for years.

As much as I wish I could make like Cinderella and have my dream job come to me overnight life just doesn’t work that way. (However, if my fairy godmother is out there you are more than welcome to intervene).

After having a talk with my mentors it became apparent to me how stagnant I was in my job search. Honestly, I figured if I had faith alone the Lord would just drop a perfectly good job in front of my doorstep. That night, after that talk with my mentors, I realized that I was being dumb: it’s far easier for God to direct a moving train than one that is parked. I needed to get this train moving!

To be honest, motivation didn’t come overnight, it took several days for me to get out of my motionless slump. Slowly but surely the wheels started to turn: I finally emailed a school that my co-worker recommended months ago (I’m now scheduled for an interview next month), contacted a recruiting agency that a friend recommended about a year ago (I’m now in the application process and they said I could be placed in a new school by June), used resources from the Teachers of Bangkok Facebook page to send in documents for application, sent in my resume to yet another school mentioned by my mentor, and recently have sent in my resume to an awesome school a different co-worker recommended to me.

Nothing is set in stone yet, but thank God for potential stones before me! Just a week ago I had nothing, now there are options.

Please keep me in prayer friends. ❤


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