I didn’t think I would cry…

My weekend has been full of goodbyes. Really hard goodbyes.

The first was to my students. As you all probably know by previous posts I couldn’t mentally or emotionally handle my school. I needed to leave, so I did. Friday was my last day, a day I had been waiting for since I first started working at that school. I was so excited to be leaving that I worked overtime in the last month, making sure to check off everything so that I could have a smooth transition out of there.

On Friday I was all adios muchachos before the morning bell even rang.

At 3:30pm I thought I would be running out of the gate with a gigantic smile on my face… instead I left with a heart heavy with love and tear drops spilling down my cheeks.

Leaving was hard, harder than I anticipated. The first tears came as twelfth grade walked across stage to collect their diplomas: I was so proud of them. Honestly, I was shocked at my reaction. You can’t stand this place. You’ve been waiting for this day all year. Why are you crying?


The answer swelled like a giant balloon in my chest– YOU LOVE THESE STUDENTS.

Sure, I knew I liked my students and that most days they were the only reason I got up, but there were other days where I felt like I didn’t even know them or if they even liked me. Even now I’m looking back at all the ways I could’ve grown closer to them, but I’m thankful for the ways that we did connect. They’ve given me a pocket full of memories that I’ll never forget.


My students were awesome and I’m sorry I couldn’t show them that every day. They are fantastic kids and the next teacher that comes better wreck them with love and be prepared to be wrecked by love in return.

People say teachers make up a school, but I beg to differ–students make up a school. Without students teachers wouldn’t have the strength to go on. My students taught me so much about true patience, having fun (even when you don’t feel like it), perseverance, forgiveness, and sweet love.

They are absolutely the main reason I stayed and the main reason it was so hard to go.IMG_6968

I love you, my dear students. xoxo


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