Delicious Life

The Thai have a saying: gin khao khondiao mai aroy, which basically means “eating alone isn’t delicious.” I’ve found this to be true with many things beyond the dinning table–living life, mainly.

Life is so much more delicious when shared with others.

My past work experience was a feast with the most beautiful, kind, hilarious, compassionate, helpful, and hard-working people I’ve ever met. Our friendship extended beyond the confines of our school gates; we were family on and off the clock.

We ate together, laughed together, cried together, played together… If anyone was in need we all chipped in to help. If anyone needed a shoulder or a friend, there was always one available a few doors down. We had the uncanny ability to communicate with each other from across the room with just a simple look. (We were pros at nonverbal communication, especially during meetings). We held hands, hugged, and kissed. We had feuds, but faithfully came back together. We had girls’ night, enjoyed a round of bowling, and even ran the Color Run together! We made so many memories as a family in just one year.

Honestly, I can’t imagine surviving my first year of teaching without them.

I appreciate our closeness and hold it close to my heart so much more now that I’m fighting to create that same feasting of life here in my new school. I was shocked to hear from a co-worker that the foreign teachers weren’t super close. We live in the same building, how in the world could we not be close??

Thankfully, I’m starting to see the legs of a table building: yesterday night I went out to dinner with two of my co-workers and we had great conversation, this afternoon one of the teachers helped me prepare crafts for my lesson tomorrow, and recently a teacher and I talked about taking a trip to Hong Kong together.

I love and miss my BGIS family so incredibly much, but I can have a family here, too… after all, there is always more room at the table.

So, dig in.


my family ❤


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