Be Present.

peppermint tea nestled in a little yellow mug
hot oil burning over a small candlelit fire
soft lamp on
native american flute music and rain drops filling the space

today i was so busy working that i forgot to play with my students. i’m so thankful my co-teacher ripped me away from lesson planning because i got to see our precious students use math for the first time.

(i almost missed it)

i love my students and respect my co-teacher which is why i’ve been slaving away behind my desk prepping lesson plans weeks ahead.

i’m doing so well so far
i don’t want to let anybody down

but if i continue like this i’ll end up letting everyone down

i need to remember to be present
with their laughter
with their learning
with their love

so now i’m enjoying the company of myself, words, sweet smells, warm tea, and music. reminding myself presence is a tender space meant to be cherished


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