Day Twenty-Six

birth of history

the woman is more than
she is logic, too
covered in thick skin
womb fermented in hopes
of birthing something real,
something tangible
maybe this time
it won’t come out
prematurely, but
fully developed


Day Twenty

Writing A Letter… (Something A Little Different)

Today I did something a little different to celebrate National Poetry Month;
instead of writing a poem, I wrote a thank you letter to someone that impacted my life.

Now I want to encourage you to do the same– take the time tomorrow and write a letter of gratitude to someone who positively changed your life.

Day Seventeen

Random Things Both Said and Thought on April 17th

1. Wow, I got really close to that squirrel!
2. Why did they send an introvert to pass out invitations?
3. Look normal.
4. I’m sooo exhausted.
6. I am a new creation.
7. (silence)
8. If I think about silent prayer does that count as being silent?
9. I love You, Lord.
10. Thank You.

Day Fourteen

running into doors

i don’t have a
clue on what to write
today has been
filled with so many
encounters of the
human spirit:
anger, sadness,
confusion, and joy
how does one poem
contain it?
it cannot. hence,
why the constant
writing. the over-drawn
debates on the meaning
of Goblin Market,
we’re not looking for
we’re looking
for answers