Day Twenty

Writing A Letter… (Something A Little Different)

Today I did something a little different to celebrate National Poetry Month;
instead of writing a poem, I wrote a thank you letter to someone that impacted my life.

Now I want to encourage you to do the same– take the time tomorrow and write a letter of gratitude to someone who positively changed your life.

Day Seventeen

Random Things Both Said and Thought on April 17th

1. Wow, I got really close to that squirrel!
2. Why did they send an introvert to pass out invitations?
3. Look normal.
4. I’m sooo exhausted.
6. I am a new creation.
7. (silence)
8. If I think about silent prayer does that count as being silent?
9. I love You, Lord.
10. Thank You.

Day Fourteen

running into doors

i don’t have a
clue on what to write
today has been
filled with so many
encounters of the
human spirit:
anger, sadness,
confusion, and joy
how does one poem
contain it?
it cannot. hence,
why the constant
writing. the over-drawn
debates on the meaning
of Goblin Market,
we’re not looking for
we’re looking
for answers